Buyer and Market Engagement - Digital Innovation for Sustainable Commodity Transformation

Connecting Businesses and Growers for Sustainable Success

Ongoing changes in regulations and conditions in the national and worldwide palm oil trade often create market uncertainty for companies. In the continuous operation of the palm oil business, the goal is certainly to expand its reach and maximize profits. However, a potential issue could be the disconnect between companies and growers who have the potential to collaborate. Additionally, non-compliance with regulations may have severed business relationships, necessitating solutions to re-establish connections with these companies or explore partnerships with other potential entities. For this reason, drawing on our experience in consulting, Inovasi Digital offers consulting services, recommendations, and support to facilitate connections and engagements between companies and growers.

Earthqualizer and its founders have been extensively engaged in palm oil company consultancy and services for the past three decades. Our in-depth case reports have played a pivotal role in informing the decision-making processes of our corporate partners and guiding their stakeholder engagement efforts. With our extensive network of closely affiliated companies, we have the capability to facilitate connections between growers and companies. This has led to individuals who were previously unacquainted becoming aware of each other, thereby creating opportunities for collaboration.

Product specification:

The aspects gained from the consultancy will include, but are not limited to:

  • Business assistance and consultancy through data support.
  • Sustainability report.
  • Market engagement and communication.

Our approach:

We use the company’s sustainability report and spatial data to be able to provide consulting and assistance services for the company’s sustainability and market policies. The recommendations we provide can be considered by the company to determine the steps to be taken in determining market engagement and sustainability policies.