Land Use Change Analysis - Digital Innovation for Sustainable Commodity Transformation

Driving Sustainability Through Informed Land Use Analysis

Adverse habitat change continues to impede progress toward sustainability. Land Use Change Analysis (LUCA) is conducted to identify any non-compliant deforestation and peat development that has occurred within the concessions. Land Use Change Analysis (LUCA) is used to help companies track their suppliers’ compliance along the supply chain with sustainability commitments, certifications, and regulations. The analysis will include all concessions associated with the identified corporate groups.

The land cover classification used refers to the RSPO Land Cover Classification. Land Use Change Analysis usually collaborates with GHG Calculation because the change in cover from forested land to other cover will release carbon compounds into the air.

Previous Land Cover TypeDefinitiontc/hatCO2e/ha
Undisturbed ForestNatural forest with dense canopy; no signs of logging roads.268982.6666667
Disturbed ForestNatural forest area with logging roads and forest clearings.128469.3333333
Tree CropAll the various crops which trees can provide.75275
ShrublandUpland (well-drained sols), small trees and shrubs.46168.6666667
GrasslandAn area in which the vegetation is dominated by a nearly continuous cover of grasses; Replanting oil palm 0 – 3 years (before entering the productive age).518.33333333
Oil Palm (Average)Oil Palm Average: Small and medium scale plantations recognizable in satellite images with < 40 ha.63.425215.1783333
Oil Palm (Vigorous)Large-scale plantations recognizable in satellite images commercial scale with > 40 ha.58.685231.8983333
Annual/Food CropSubsistence crops that are meant for human consumption.8.531.17
RubberAn estate in a tropical country where rubber trees are grown on a large scale.40146.6666667
Other LanduseSettlement area, Mill, Road.00
PeatSoils with an organic layer of moreĀ than 50cm in the top 100 cm of soil containing more than 65% of organicĀ matter.0.91 x cm drainage depth

Product specification:


  • Deforestation and Peat Conversion Analysis.
  • One summary report in Word/PDF format presenting findings and recommendations with supporting graphics.

Our approach:

Land Use Change Analysis - Digital Innovation for Sustainable Commodity Transformation
  1. Dataset: Mosaic image for each period and concession boundary, forest cover baseline, peatland cover baseline.
  2. Spatial Analysis: Analysis using land cover classes from the RSPO GHG Assessment and verification using High-Resolution imagery.
  3. Delineation: The process of defining and depicting the boundaries, features, or characteristics of land cover classes.
  4. Result Analysis: Results from spatial analysis and delineation.


Land Use Change Analysis - Digital Innovation for Sustainable Commodity Transformation