Supplier Group Monitoring Program (SGMP) - Digital Innovation for Sustainable Commodity Transformation

Empowering Sustainable Actions Through Proactive Insight

Deforestation can proceed greatly within a short timeframe, and once detected, it can quickly escalate into a major reputation risk. Businesses need up-to-date intelligence on the ground to be able to take prompt action on potential sustainability risks in their supply chains. The SGMP utilizes a robust, data-driven approach to define, assess, and report NDP non-compliance in near-real time, which is further supplemented by grievance engagement updates, supply chain links, and group ownership information. 

Since 2014, the SGMP has significantly contributed to the companies’ efforts to address the NDP risks in their oil palm supply base. What distinguishes our method from other similar.

deforestation monitoring is the depth of our insight into the landbank layers and our capability to establish a supply chain link between a particular farm/plantation where a clearing is detected and other facilities further downstream. This represents a reactive step in addressing sustainability risks in the supply chain.

Product specification:

  • Multiple remote-sensing image providers.
  • Multiple processing platforms (e.g. Earth Engine, EoS Land viewer and Sentinel Hub).
  • Multiple datasets (including those obtained with UAVs).
  • Image accuracy: 0.5 to 15 meters, depending on the source.
  • Time interval: images are released approximately every three days, with reports generated bi-weekly. 

Our approach:

Our method relies on a combination of several high-resolution and accurate (up to 0.5 m) satellite imageries (e.g., the China High-Resolution Earth Observation System/CHEOS and the European Space Agency/ESA) to obtain preliminary alerts, which are then subject to intensive verification by our experts. Our subject-matter experts are also available for consultations should any of our corporate partners need our assistance in their stakeholder engagement. 


Supplier Group Monitoring Program (SGMP) - Digital Innovation for Sustainable Commodity Transformation