Supply Chain Traceability - Digital Innovation for Sustainable Commodity Transformation

Empowering Sustainability Through Traceability:
Unraveling the Path to Responsible Palm Oil

Key markets are starting to impose traceability requirements on the palm oil trade, and consumers are increasingly demanding sustainable and responsible products. At the same time, companies are confronted with a lack of insight into their supply base, reflected by low traceability to mills and plantation (TTM & TTP) figures achieved by industry players.

Industry transformation is possible only when decision-makers embrace the need to change and commit to action. Through our “traceability to decision-makers” research, we unravel the tangled world of private company ownership, helping buyers, investors, and their business partners to have a more positive impact. Our supplier traceability database provides accurate information about plantations, smallholder farms, mills, kernel-crushing plants, refineries, and other palm oil handling facilities across the globe.

Product specification:

Our dataset includes:

  • 2,372 mills in 34 countries.
  • 1,806 mills with TTP profile. The traceability level is divided into 4 classes of high, medium, low, and no percentage of ffb.
  • 24 million hectares of plantation areas from >12,000 licences of industrial plots.
  • 8,016 facilities that handled palm oil in 52 countries covering 80% of global palm oil traded.

Our approach:

We collect public disclosure by companies, export-import data, certification, remote sensing analytics,  and field insight to create an interactive, end-to-end traceability system. This allows you to trace palm oil supply from 52 countries, covering 80% of global trade. This is critical data to ensure industry players, supply chain actors, and consumers that their products are free from deforestation, peat clearing, and legal violations—or make decisions if they are not.

Companies can verify palm oil all the way to its origin, achieving full traceability and meeting regulatory and customer demands for sustainable and deforestation-free palm oil.


Stakeholders interested in exploring and sampling our traceability approach are warmly invited to participate in short-term trials.