Inovasi Agriplot Due Diligence System

Turn-key Solution to Meeting EUDR Due Diligence Requirements


Inovasi Agriplot Due Diligence System

Inovasi Agriplot ® Due Diligence platform is a system designed to help your organization to manage the due diligence process. With our platform, you can conduct effective and informed-decision making approach to managing and monitoring due diligence process, from initial screening of your mill list, tracing to the plot, knowing the legal compliance, carrying risk assessment, and set strategy for risk mitigation actions on the high risk area.


Inovasi Agriplot Due Diligence System Approach:

  1. Supplier mapping and access to geolocation data
    Provide supplier map polygon geo-location at landscape levels, including ISH area
  2. Monitoring and verifying supplier deforestation activities since the EUDR cut-off date
    Provide supplier deforestation compliance assesment and attribution
  3. Verifying supplier legal compliance with critical EUDR criteria
    Provide adequate legal compliance assessment and information related to Article-9 EUDR
  4. Risk assessment of supply shed areas – adhering to critical EUDR criteria
    Provide a risk assesment on plot and district supplysheed related to Article-10 EUDR
  5. Traceability to plantation support for high-risk and complex supply chain areas
    Develop a risk mitigation based on priority supplyshed risk assessment
  6. DDS private dashboard access (optional)

What will you get:
  1. Agriplot Compliance Analysis
  2. Agriplot Risk Assessment
  3. Agriplot Risk Mitigation
  4. Agriplot Reporting

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