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Inovasi Agriplot

The palm oil market is now increasingly emphasizing and demanding more sustainable and less damaging industry practices, from planting to end-stage processing. Various deforestation mitigation regulations with risk assessments and due diligence duties are made to urge palm oil industry players to foster sustainable and responsible corporate behavior, such as NDPE, EUDR, EUCSRD, EUCSDD, and other similar existing and emerging regulations.

These regulations demand several key requirements to be met, such as geolocation and plot of land, risk assessment, mitigation, and a due diligence system. Inovasi Agriplot was established to accommodate all these needs by combining technology with in-house analytics and on-the-ground insights. All aspects of the product are a complete package that can be used by companies to fulfill various directive needs that must be adhered to.

Our Dataset

  1. Oil palm facilities location
    On Inovasi Agriplot, you will receive information about the locations of palm oil facilities. This allows you to track the locations of the facilities where your products are made, enhancing the traceability of your products. As the world’s leading service for sustainable supply chains, we provide information on over 2,500 facilities across the globe, helping you track the origin of your products with our credible and accurate data.
  2. Global high-res oil palm planted area
    With Inovasi Agriplot, you will have the ability to examine the map of where your sourcing comes from, where it is planted, grown, and harvested. As a prominent service provider of spatial and remote sensing analysis, currently, we have more than 30 million hectares of palm oil worldwide, which makes us reasonably certain that our data can encompass your entire palm oil supply chain.
  3. Global oil palm supplier legal plot
    Get to know the legal plots or plantation boundaries of your products’ sources. This way, you will be able to ensure the legality of your suppliers’ plantations, preventing you from being penalized for violations caused by the illegality of the plantation’s status.
  4. Global historical deforestation cases
    Deforestation historical cases allow you to find out the past occurrences of the land where the product was produced. Knowing the occurrence of deforestation allows you to mitigate the risk of sourcing your products and to be aware of where you are sourcing from. As a provider who has been engaged in the industry for 25 years, supplemented by our team of experts specializing in remote sensing and spatial analysis, we possess more than adequate historical and updated deforestation cases of palm oil development around the globe.
  5. Social grievance cases
    Social grievances encompass a range of issues affecting communities, workers, and indigenous peoples in palm oil-producing regions. Knowing the social grievances of your supply chain can make you more aware of the social issues that exist within it, allowing you to consider the steps or solutions to be taken. Currently, we have more than 2,500 social grievance cases in our database, covering palm oil plantations and mills in major palm oil-producing countries.
  6. National permanent forest data layers & land registration
    Through Inovasi Agriplot, you will be provided with data on the planted area of your products’ sources as well as national permanent forest data and land registration. The overlapping of plantation locations with forest areas will result in penalties for violations. With this feature, you will be assisted in ensuring that your planted area does not overlap with forests and complies with national regulations.
  7. Supply chain information
    All of your supply batches will be traceable with Inovasi Agriplot, from their plots to the facilities. Through our comprehensive and accountable data, we own more than 2,000 traceable facilities and keep updating them. Inovasi Agriplot will also provide you with all the information about your supply chain, including the name of the grower, locations, HCV/HCS status, buyers, and any other relevant information.
  8. Shipment Data
    We are providing information associated with the transportation of goods from one location to another. This will include details such as the origin and destination addresses, the contents of the shipment, the carrier or shipping company involved, tracking numbers, and any relevant updates or events that occur during transit. This data is crucial for businesses to track the movement of their products and ensure that the status of their products deliverable.

What will you get:
  1. Map and supplier information requirements
  2. Deforestation Compliance Assessment and Attribution
  3. Legal Compliance Assessment and Attribution
  4. Risk Assessment at District Origin of Land Plots
  5. Risk Mitigation Plan Development

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